BPolished Beauty Supply - Tips to achieve the perfect blowout!
Tips to achieving the perfect blowout:

1. Cleanse hair throughly. A blowout will last longer without a lot of buildup

2. Deep Condition prior to using heat. A good deep condition will protect your strands, strengthen, and provide moisture. 

3. Use a heat protectant prior to using a blow dryer. A heat protectant is essential and will keep your hair from being damaged regardless if you are natural or processed.

4. Blow dry completely before using flatiron. Flat Ironing your hair with wet spots will damage your hair and even has the ability to burn your hair. 

5. Pass the flatiron over your hair only once to prevent heat damage. A good technique is the comb chase method. 

6. After your style is complete put the flatiron away. Damage comes when there is an excessive amount of heat.

7. Protect your blowout by wrapping your hair, sleeping on a satin pillowcase or using a satin bonnet in the evenings. 

8. Moisture your hair while it straight. Great moisturizers for straight hair is Coconut Oil and Flourish by Sess Cannon, both items will moisture your hair without reverting and without weighing your hair down. These items should be used as needed, and not daily.

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