BPolished Beauty Supply - Deep Conditioning 101

Want to have a successful deep conditioning session? Incorporate these 5 tips to get the maximize benefit of your deep conditioning session!

  1. Start on fresh clean hair! You will get the best results if your hair is free of buildup.
  2. Listen to your hair! If your hair is limp or you are experiencing breakage you might need a deep conditioner with protein in it. If your hair is dry, you will need to focus on a deep conditioner that focuses on moisture.
  3. Add Essentials Oils to enhance your deep conditioning session. Essential oils like Lavender, Peppermint, and Rosemary aides in the growth of your hair by providing stimulation. If you have dandruff issue or an itchy scalp add Tea Tree Oil.
  4. Use Heat or Steam! Heat or Steam opens the cuticles of your hair which allows the most penetration.
  5. Focus on midshaft to the ends of your hair! This area is typically the oldest and typically the driest part of your hair, because of this your ends will need a lot more TLC than other parts of your hair.

Stop by our store location at 6407. S Cooper Street Suite 135 Arlington, TX 76001 if you need help picking out the right deep conditioner for you or email us at info@bpolishedbeautysupply.com if you are an online shopper! 

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